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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are products tested for pesticides during manufacturing?
A. Yes, the vape products sold under Orchid Essentials are tested throughout the manufacturing process. All Oregon OLCC regulation standards for pesticide testing are followed.

Q. Why did you choose BHO over other types of extraction methods?
A. BHO is our current preferred extraction method due to the integrity of the terpenes and our ability to re-introduce them after final distillation. Orchid, and most premier extractors use BHO and Ethanol wash as their primary extraction methods.

Q. Why 15% Terpenes?
A. It’s not a race to the highest level of THC despite common thought amongst consumers. The real race is a high profile of terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. Most products on the market contain less than 2% of the terps that were originally in the flower, whereas Orchid consistently maintains levels between 13-17%.

Q. What are terpenes?
A. Terpenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons found in cannabis. There are about 140 of these terpenes and they provide the aroma to cannabis. In addition to smell, they also add medical benefits. There are also flavonoids and terpenoids that carry anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities.

Q. What is BHO Distallite?
A. BHO means Butane Hash Oil, which is then distilled into a clear and highly concentrated oil. All plant matter is extracted, and terpene profiles are reintroduced.

Q. How Does a Vaporizer work?
A. “Vaping” is a preferred method over burning flower because of convenience, discretion, and minimizing carcinogens that are extracted out in our process. It’s starts with the battery which provides power or electricity through a wire coil surrounding organic cotton. The wire heats the oils collected on the cotton it surrounds, which has been absorbed by organic cotton.

Q. What type of cartridges fit on my Orchid Vape pen?
A. Any cartridge that has a 510 connection will fit an ORCHID battery pen. Whether or not the non Orchid cartridge work with our own is another question. The quality and wick configuration differ heavily within brands. Orchid does not suggest using other cartridges since the battery may be too powerful and burn your wick out causing burnt flavor taste and discoloration of the cartridge oil.

Q. When I take a hit it seems a little harsh and makes me cough, why is that?
A. That’s due to the high level of terpenes. Terpenes can cause a tickling in the throat. It’s a good thing that you feel this, as this is what’s providing the medical benefits to your body. We’ve added a lot of airflow to our cartridge to help to minimize this by cooling down the vapor as it enters your lungs.

Q. Should I recycle my used cartridges?
A. Our cartridges are made of surgical steel and glass with the only exception being the silicone O-Ring which is made from surgical silicone. There is no plastic in the cartridge that would restrict recycling, although we recommend you check with your recycling company to find out if they accept items such as this.

Q. How long will the battery last? How many charges in a lifespan?
A. Through our testing we’ve seen batteries go through as much as two, 1(one) gram cartridges on a single charge. Lifespan on the battery is approximately 270 charge cycles which make this an incredibly durable, and long lasting battery.

Q. Can I use my cartridge on any battery?
A. Orchid cartridges are made to be tough and easy on the eyes. Because of the quality and wick configuration, we highly suggest using an Orchid cartridge with its pre-configured Orchid battery. Also, why would you try to smoke shatter out of a toaster?

Q. My cartridge seems clogged – what do I do to fix it?
A. Press the ON button and blow into the air intake holes. Repeat this several times if necessary to ensure the chamber is clear.

Q. How does your 365 day warranty work?
A. Simple! First register your product at www.orchidessentials.com/warranty/ If your battery stops taking a charge or does not work for another reason within 365 days of purchase return it to any location that carries Orchid for a replacement.

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