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Glossary of Terms

510 Thread
The standard threading size for vape batteries accepting cannabis oil vape cartridges and other vape attachments that are 510 threaded on the male piece.

Refers to the amount of air passing through an atomizer and out the mouthpiece with each inhale. Greater airflow provides larger vapor hits with each inhale.

The part of a vaporizer that houses the heating element which makes contact with your cannabis oils and concentrates to produce vapor. There’s countless variations of atomizers using different materials and heating element styles.

The power source for the heating element in a vaporizer. Some vape batteries attach to cannabis oil vape cartridges while others may be fixed or integrated into a vaporizer device. The full assembly with the battery is typically referred to as a vape.

Refers to an atomizer fixed to a plastic or glass tank that’s often pre-filled with cannabis oil and connects to a separate battery; usually refers to disposable tanks that are pre-filled with cannabis oils and are widely available from cannabis dispensaries; There’s countless brands of vape cartridges on the market.

Part of an atomizer used to deliver cannabis oil from the tank to the coil and can be made from silica, cotton or other material.; some atomizers use cotton wicks wrapped in coils.

The part of an atomizer used to heat up cannabis or other concentrate product causing vaporization; the number of coils in an atomizer can vary and not all atomizers use coils but it is the most common heating element.

Any device or combination of parts that use a method of heating a cannabis oil or product to its boiling point which gasses of as vapor without inducing combustion