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At Orchid we believe in building brands and products that are best-in-class, meaning they are high quality, trustworthy and tested. We have worked to build a company that on a daily basis strives to “Create the Highest Standards in Cannabis™️”.

As most of you are probably aware, both nicotine and cannabis vape sectors have been hit with recent news of illnesses and even deaths which are being attributed to the use of Vitamin E Acetate as a thickening agent in vaporizer oils.

The fact is that Orchid products do not use Vitamin E Acetate.

However, we felt it was important to provide scientific support in order to validate our position, so we recently sent our products to third-party independent laboratories that we have never worked with, nor do we have any business relationships or financial ties with. The results came back and clearly confirm, scientifically, that there is no trace of Vitamin E Acetate in our products. We believe in the quality standards that guide our development programs and we are fully compliant with all testing regulations set forth by Oregon and California state laws.

We want all of our retail partners and loyal consumers to be confident that Orchid Essentials is a trustworthy brand that stands behind its products.


As Seen on The Today Show

Orchid Essentials products were tested independently as part of an NBC News investigation in which they commissioned lab testing by CA-based lab CannaSafe to test both legal and illicit cartridges for Vitamin E Acetate, pesticides, and heavy metals. The story aired Friday, September 27th and the results are clear: Orchid Essentials products are clean.
Read the full story here.

A Letter from CannaSafe President, Aaron Riley


Do Orchid Essentials products contain any Vitamin E Acetate?
No. Our products do not contain any Vitamin E Acetate (also known as Tocopheryl Acetate) or other potentially harmful additives like:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • MCT/Coconut Oil

Vitamin E Acetate Testing Results
Vitamin E Statement from our Manufacturing Partner, The Werc Shop

For more information about the Orchid Essentials products, we have provided the following documentation:

Orchid Product Data Sheets:


What kind of testing is done on Orchid products?
All Orchid Essentials products are tested for potency as well as tested for pesticides and residual solvents. We are fully compliant with all testing regulations set forth by Oregon and California state laws.

Our test results are available for you to view at any time by clicking the links below:

Lab Results for Oregon
Lab Results for California
Vitamin E Acetate Testing Results


What else does Orchid do to protect consumers?
Orchid Essentials believes very strongly in only allowing our products to be sold in legal, licensed dispensaries. Products sold in illegal dispensaries are occasionally diverted or counterfeit, often untested, and potentially dangerous. We do not condone those products or unlicensed retail establishments and discourage consumers from shopping in them.

To ensure your product is authentic and tested, only buy Orchid Essentials from authorized retailers listed on our Store Locator.


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