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Meet Orchid Essentials

Well, hello! We’re so happy you found us. We have a sneaking suspicion that, if it isn’t already, the Orchid Essentials vape pen is about to become your new best friend. So, let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Orchid Essentials was founded in 2016 by Corey Mangold and Rene Suarez. Corey’s nineteen years in the marketing world were the perfect complement to Rene’s fifteen years in finance and four years in the e-cigarette space. The pair’s passion for the cannabis industry, and its positive impact on consumers, patients, and global culture, continues to motivate them to set the highest standards.

That shared passion also shapes Orchid’s philosophy and work ethic. We believe in safe, effective, easy-to-use products, proper dosage, and strict safety standards. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, so our team pushes for regulations to ensure you’re protected and your concerns are heard. From product development to budtender training, we are invested in evolving the cannabis industry.

After nearly a year of research and development, Orchid developed a vape line with proprietary hardware that (forgive the pun) blows away everything else on the market. Those massive clouds you get from an Orchid Essentials pen are purely by design. We constantly push our hardware and engineering forward so, if you like what you’ve seen, just wait: there’s more coming and it will be even better.

To develop our oil we partnered with a widely trusted manufacturer, bringing seventeen PhD scientists to the table. Our combined wisdom enabled us to introduce sophisticated extraction techniques: our delicious flavors are founded on straight science. With design innovation and revolutionary CBD technology and bioavailability on the horizon, you can expect the same high quality with everything we bring to market.

Okay, that’s us. Now it’s your turn: let us know your thoughts, ask us questions, and tell us about yourself! We thrive on communication and feedback – and it helps us work for you and the entire Orchid community. Write soon and stay tuned, new friend! The Feel Good is Near™.